Chagos play at the Edinburgh Fringe

Bandwagon Theatre is bringing its play about the history of the Chagos islands to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

A Rotten Little Story tells the murky tale of the secret sale by the British government of the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. In a storytelling style suitable for young teenagers and above, the play shows how, at the behest of the US government, Britain kidnapped the islanders during the 1960s and dumped them in the slums of Mauritius where many of them still struggle to survive.

The show is on from 5 to 13 August. Find out more and book tickets here.


  1. I have written about Diego Garcia in the past and got about 5,000 viewings. . I note that the publicity for the play at the Edinburgh Festival mentioned islanders being kidnapped in the 1960s. Is that correct? I thought it happened in 1971.

  2. Robert Bain says:

    The Immigration Ordinance that made it official was issued in 1971 but the process of getting rid of the people began in the late 1960s. I’m not sure which dates the play covers.

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