WikiLeaked diplomatic cable , judged as admissible evidence

A leaked diplomatic cable published by a third party on the internet did not violate the archive and documents of the diplomatic mission which had sent the cable because it had already been disclosed to the world and, consequently, it was admissible as evidence in court. The Court of Appeal so held, inter alia. in dismissing the appeal of the claimant, Louis Oliver Bancoult, against the refusal of the Divisional Court of the Queen’s Bench Division (Lord Justice Richards and Mr Justice Mitting) ([2013] EWHC 1502 (Admin)) to grant judicial review of the decision on April 1, 2010, of the defendant, the Foreign Secretary, to create a no-take marine protected area for the environmental protection of the British Indian Ocean Territory. A summary of the judgement was published in the Times on 10 June 2014.

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  1. Svg says:

    It’s time for Britain to stop its Power and Human Rights Abuse and Manipulations in preventing the Chagossians returning to their homeland and Britain should return the Chagos islands, including Diego Garcia to its rightful owner: Mauritius.

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