Let Us Return: New Short Film on Chagossian Exile

Let Us Return is a fantastic new film by UK film-maker Andy Marsh. In fifteen minutes, a range of Chagossian voices tell their story in their own words. Watch it below and tell us what you think.


  1. Celia Whittaker says:

    A powerful and extremely moving film. I hope and pray that the exiled Chagossians will soon return to their islands. The United Kingdom prides itself on its values such as justice and fair play. Let’s see these put in to practice for the Chagossians. And soon!!

  2. Sylvia Boyes says:

    Every UK M.P should be made to watch this film.

  3. Eddie McCann says:

    Shared on social media…
    “Please watch, discover the history of this crime and support the fight for justice. A heartfelt plea by fellow humans wanting to end their Brutish [intended] Government imposed exile from their British “owned” Homeland.”
    I hope that you may return home and find peace one day very soon.

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