AGM Minutes


Minutes from our recent Annual General Meeting. These are not exhaustive but reflect the main points of the meeting. Our Treasurer’s Report and Chair’s Report are linked to within the report and are available for download.

If you have any questions about the meeting or would like further details, please do get in touch.


UK Chagos Supporters Association Annual General Meeting Saturday 13 June, 2015

Present: Stefan Donnelly, Philippa Gregory, Robert Bain, Peri Batliwala Saradha Soorrayen, Paul Grice, Lesley Nelson John Random Martin Stanley Warren Paull Richard Sparrow Amanda Flett, R.Asad.

Apologies : Sabrina Jean, Bernadette Dugasse, David Simon, Celia Whittaker, Chris D-B Scott, Sean Carey, Lou Dawson, Ann Hooker, Ann Littlefair, Richard Dunne, David Snoxell, Prof. David Simon, Marcus Booth, Robin Townsend.

1. Chair Stefan Donnelly gave his report (attached) on the main events of the last year (attached), in the campaign, in the community and for the Association. Speaking of the 2 legal actions currently being undertaken one to challenge the 2008 law lords ruling and the other to challenge the establishment of the MPA.  He spoke of the Feasibility Report which states that return to Diego Garcia is a possibility and suggests 3 options for establishing a Chagos community.

He reported on a number of fund-raising initiatives which have been successful this year, and the establishment of a new website. Content for the website should be sent to

2. Treasurer Peri Batliwala presented her report. (attached) which showed increased fund raising and disbursements to funeral expenses, community projects and campaigning costs.

3. Chair Stefan Donnelly spoke of a community meeting he had attended on behalf of the UKCHSA and it was agreed that UKCHSA representatives should meet with the community in Crawley in July. It was agreed we could use this meeting to discuss some of the below initiatives with the Chagossian community directly. Date to be confirmed.

4. New initiatives: for 2015-2016 it was agreed that UKCHSA funds should be spent on hardship, community projects, campaigning costs and inward investment e.g. advertising on social media which this year has repaid the investment and raised money. Philippa Gregory noted the importance that the community attach to funding for funerals. Chair Stefan Donnelly encouraged the possibility of establishing connections between experts and Chagossian students for skills and resources. Warren undertook to establish some pro bono workers and to investigate the possibility of Chagos branded merchandise.

Paul Grice agreed to explore the possibilities of a Credit Union type organisation for funding Chagossian funerals and explore charitable trusts and possible donors. Saradha agreed to prepare a calendar of key dates for Chagos publicity and events.

Philippa Gregory reminded everyone that Chagos Day falls on November 3 and we should focus publicity and events at that time, and agreed to locate the constitution of UKCHSA and the list of possible donors.

5. Election of Officers: Chair warmly thanked retiring officers Robert Bain who has worked for UKCHSA for 12 years, and Philippa Gregory who is retiring as Secretary but remaining Patron. Officers elected for 2015-2016 are Chair: Stefan Donnelly, vice chair Warren Paull and Richard Sparrow, Treasurer Peri Batliwala, secretary Martin Stanley.

In accordance with the policy of avoiding conflict of interest in the Chagos community none of the above are members of a Chagossian group, but it was felt that Chagossians might help as advisors and liaison officers with the community to advise on projects and funding.

6. There was no Any Other Business and the meeting closed at 4pm.

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