The UK Chagos Support Association

The UK Chagos Support Association was formed to support the Chagossians in their fight for justice. We feel it is a disgrace that the British Government continues to deny justice to the Chagos islanders. We feel that justice is long overdue and we call on the Government to give the islanders the right to return to their homeland, as well as proper compensation and an apology for everything they have suffered over the past 40-odd years at the hands of the British authorities.

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We are a small group of unpaid volunteers and we gratefully accept donations which we can use to support our work and to help islanders in difficulty.

The association works to draw attention to the islanders’ plight, to help them in their struggle against injustice and to support them in hardship. Our honorary president is Olivier Bancoult, who heads the Chagos Refugees Group, the largest Chagossian community group. Our patrons are Ben Fogle and Philippa Gregory.