A history of the Chagos islands to the present day

In their own words
The Chagossians’ story in their own words

News archive
An archive of the UK Chagos Support Association’s monthly (ish) news updates

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The Chagos story in quotes
What various people have said over the years about the plight of the Chagossians

Audio recording of a meeting on Thursday 4 March 2010 between members of the Chagos Refugees Group and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s facilitator for the consultation on the proposed Chagos Marine Protected Area
As well as giving an overview of the Chagossians’ case, the recording also includes the facilitator saying it would take her three months to put a report together. In the end she had to do it in less than three weeks – which tells us something about how seriously the Foreign Office took this consultation.
(This is a 65MB audio file so might take a while to download).

Returning home – A proposal for the resettlement of the Chagos islands
Produced for the Chagos Refugees Group and the UK Chagos Support Association, March 2008

A crumbling defence
The brochure from our ‘Let Them Return’ campaign for resettlement of the islands, launched in 2008

Contested Roots
A look at how Chagossians in Mauritius view their roots, by Steffen Johannessen


Out of Eden
An article from the Guardian by John Pilger, May 2006

Holding colonial power to acount
By Sean Carey, from the New Statesman, December 2009

The Chagos islanders: Britain’s historic injustice
From, by Iain Orr

Other stuff

A timeline of the history of Diego Garcia from 1770 to the present day – an open content project on

Stealing a nation
Brochure for the 2004 TV documentary on Chagos by John Pilger

Archcomix’s online graphic novel of the Chagos story

D̩rasin̩ РThe expulsion and impoverishment of the Chagossian people
Summary of the report by David Vine MA, S Wojciech Sokolowski PhD and Philip Harvey JD PhD, on the plight of the Chagossians (pdf)

The CRG’s response to the Orders in Council of 2004:
Letter to the Queen and the Prime Minister
Petition to the Queen
Letter to the Southern African Development Community

Speech by Sylvia Boyes to the UN Working Group on Indigenous Peoples

Presentation by Paul Heaton to the British Overseas Territories Association

Diego Garcia: the ‘criminal question’ doctrine
A detailed legal look at the eviction of the Chagossians by Charles Judson Harwood Jr, with tons and tons of supporting documents.

Transcript of parliamentary debate on Diego Garcia, 3 November 2004

A 2004 statement by Olivier Bancoult to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation