July 2006 update

  • The government has decided not to accept yet another High Court ruling that their action in exiling the Chagossians was irrational, unlawful and repugnant. All because the islanders would supposedly pose a threat to the US base on Diego Garcia. Now our government will spend huge amounts of taxpayers’ money trampling over Chagossians’ human rights yet again. By appealing, the UK is employing delaying tactics, treating the courts with contempt and hindering the course of justice.

  • There was an item about Ascension Island by Paul Greer On Radio Five Live’s Breakfast programme on Monday July 10. This told of the current difficulties the islanders are having with the Foreign Office, who actively encouraged moves to invest in property and businesses then did a u-turn. References were made to the similarities with the Chagossian situation. You can listen again on the Five Live website (it’s about 1 hour 50 minutes in to the programme).

  • The Foreign Office justifies the £110 million a year spent protecting the Falkland Islanders by saying “the UK will not negotiate on sovereignty unless and until the islanders wish it”. Please point out to your MP, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Office that the Chagossians have a right to decide their own future too.

  • There was an excellent article by Phil Chamberlain in the Big Issue in the North, July 3, entitled “We were made homeless by the UK government”. It has moving personal accounts of their exile by some of the Islanders now living in Crawley.

  • Thanks to your generosity, more work is going ahead on the poorest Chagossian housing on Mauritius. We are grateful for all contributions which all go to very worthwhile projects.

  • Please keep hassling your MP – now that the government has announced it intends appealing, it is more important than ever to get as many MPs as possible to support us in seeking justice for the exiled islanders.