June 2009 update

  • The Chagos Islands All Party Parliamentary Group has released a letter sent in February to US President Barack Obama. The letter appealed to the president to take a personal interest in making it possible for Chagossians to return to their homeland for settlement or visits, and suggested that talks be held between the UK and US governments. It was signed by Jeremy Corbyn MP, chair of the APPG, and copied to the prime minister Gordon Brown, US secretary of state Hilary Clinton and UK foreign secretary David Miliband.

  • In the wake of the UK Government’s u-turn on the Gurkha situation, Olivier Bancoult of the CRG in Mauritius wrote to the prime minister calling for justice to be given to the Chagossians too. “As you have shown in the case of the Gurkhas, it lies within your power to eradicate departmental nonsense and provide a solution which accords with human dignity, with fairness and with the views of the people of Britain and the world,” he wrote.

  • The Chagos Island FC is in dire need of practical support. JP says: “We believe we are strong contenders in the league as we won the second division league for 2008-2009. We are a highly social club and we train three times a week and play league games every Saturday. Please contact club secretary JP Chennen if you can help in any way: jpchennen@gmail.com