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Please get in touch if you would like to help in any way, or for more information. If you want to apply for funds to help Chagossians, find out how here.

You can reach us on, our Twitter page or contacting the individuals below. We work closely with many Chagossian community groups but our committee is primarily a group of non-Chagossians who work to support of the Chagossian cause.

Contact details for representative Chagossian groups based in the UK and elsewhere can also be found below.

Stefan Donnelly
Interim Chair



Marcus Booth

Vice chair

Robert Bain
Vice chair

Peri Batliwala

Robert Bain

Olivier Bancoult

Honorary president

(Contact Alison Griffin, Lake-Smith Griffin Associates,

Philippa Gregory

Contact details for groups representing the islanders

The Chagos Refugees Group (based in Mauritius)
Olivier Bancoult, O.S.K
Chairman, CRG
62 Rte des Cassis
Port Louis
Tel (230) 2341024

The Chagos Refugees Group (in the UK)
Sabrina Jean
07832 113 931

The Chagos Island Community Association (based in the UK)
Hengride Permal

The Diego Garcian Society (based in the UK)
Allen Vincatassin

Chagos Seychelles Committee UK
Bernadette Dugasse