Applying for funds

The UK Chagos Support Association supports the Chagossian community in their struggle for justice.

The UK Chagos Support Trust distributes money we raise to help individual Chagossians and groups. We have provided money to help repair homes, run events and organise sports teams.

If you are a Chagossian who wants to apply for funds (or if you want to apply for funds on behalf of a Chagossian/Chagossians), please fill in this form. You need to state exactly how much money you want and exactly what for. Please send the form to our treasurer, Peri Batliwala – you can either print it out and post it, or attach it to an email. The trustees will consider your application and get back to you as soon as possible. Be as clear and detailed as you can about how you want to spend the money – we can’t give funds out unless we can see exactly what it will be used for and what will be achieved.

The maximum amount you can apply for is £200 unless circumstances are exceptional. If you want to apply for more than this please set out very clearly why it is necessary.