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What Can I do to Win Chagossian Right to Return in 2015

US Military Aircraft at Diego Garcia base

US Military Aircraft at Diego Garcia base

The story of successive UK Governments’ treatment of Chagossians, expelled from their homeland in the early 1970s to make way for a military base, has many of the ingredients of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Human rights forfeited for weapons of mass destruction, royal orders overturning court decisions and military self-interest trumping ordinary people’s lives (see Chagos in 5 Minutes for details).

Sadly though, this is reality and there is yet to be anything like a happy end for Chagossians.

But that can change this year, with your help. An independent study commissioned by the Government has already found that a managed resettlement programme could be completed to create an environmentally, economically and socially viable and vibrant society.


Sadly the Government missed this opportunity, annoucing just before the end of the last Parliament that a decision would not be made. As we said in our reaction at the time, this is a “serious betrayal” of the Chagossian people. Articles on this failure of political morality and leadership can also be found in The Guardian and The Economist.

The fight continues, however, and responsibility now falls to the next Government, whoever that may be, to rectify this failure as a matter of urgency. Chagossians are ready to go and the Government have all the information they need to demonstrate that return can be a success. There can be no more delay.

Why is 2015 the Perfect Opportunity for Return


Responsibility then lies with the incoming Government to support what is for many Chagossians the final, unique opportunity to receive a measure of justice. Responsibility also lies with all of us to say firmly we will not tolerate this continuing abuse in our names.


We Need You To…

Write to electoral candidates– If this is debated in Parliament, we want as many MPs advocating for the Chagossian cause as possible. During the election campaign is the perfect time to extract commitments from candidates that they will stand up for justice and endorse Chagossian justice. You can find a full list of candidates here. Please do let us know if you receive a response.

Please take action now

Please take action now

Sign the petition By clicking here. In the coming weeks there may be other petitions on the major campaigning sites so be sure to sign those too-it only takes a second and again shows the commitment of UK citizens to ending the injustice.

Speak up-Most people don’t know anything about the Chagos Islands. Share this article, the recent Ben Fogle interview or our ‘Chagos Islands in five minutes’ piece, on social media. Many people also know Diego Garcia owing to its involvement supporting US ‘rendition’ in 2002 and recent, as yet unproven, allegations of greater involvement.

Host an event-If you are a member of a university society, church group, social club or anything else, you could really help spread the word by hosting an event. We can provide expert speakers, including Chagossians based in the UK, and relevant materials.

Donate-Campaigning work costs money and we also have responsibilities supporting Chagossians in hardship in the UK community. Please give anything you can here.

Volunteer– We are always looking for people to support our campaigns in any way you can. Check our our current Campaigns Officer role. If you’d like to help in any other way just drop us an email at We’re happy to hear from anyone regardless of background, time commitment or experience.

Follow us– On Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Sign up for the newsletter too.This will get you all the latest developments as soon as we have them.


Do of course also get in touch via these modes with any ideas, comments or suggestions, or email us. Glad to have you onboard for the fight!