Chagossians Hand-in Return Petition to PM

BEN & SABRINALong-time Chagossian supporter and TV personality on 22nd May handed in a petition (still available to sign) calling on the UK Government to finally support Chagossian return to their homeland.

You can see a full selection of pictures from the event here in our gallery section. If you were there and have any special pictures or videos we are missing, please do so!

Chagossians have fought for their right to return for decades since their forced deportation, conducted under UK orders so a US military base could be built.

An independent report last year confirmed return was possible. The Government committed to making a decision on return before the election but failed to so.

Chagossians called on the recently re-elected David Cameron to to finally deliver justice. Speaking outside 10 Downing Street, Mr Fogle branded the UK’s treatment of Chagossians a “terrible, terrible wrong ” and called on politicians to finally set it right, before adding optimistically he believed the “future would be bright” for Chagossians.

Watch Ben Fogle speak about his belief Chagossians will finally win the right to return


Sabrina Jean (second right top photo), Chairperson of Chagos Refugee Group UK Branch, handed in the protest with Ben and thanked him for his consistent support over many years. Mrs Jean herself deserves much credit for organising the event and ensuring it was well attended by Chagossians.

Speaking to the BBC, Ben added “For me, being a Brit, it was probably one of the things I’m most ashamed about, that I’m part of a country that forcibly evicted these people and is now refusing their right to return.”

Ben speaks to the media

Ben speaks to the media

The event received a lot of positive media attention, the BBC, RT, the i newspaper, BT’s Online News Service (important as it is likely to be seen by the millions who use BT to connect to the internet or for email), Asian Image and The Argus amongst the publications which picked up the story. We even had a Tweet of support from the editor of the Scottish Herald.

Today must represent the beginning of making a return a reality. The Prime Minister can now be under no illusions Chagossians want the right to return and the UK public back them.