Return 2015: The Perfect Opportunity

Return 2015

Since being deported to make way for a US military base in late sixties and early seventies, the Chagossian people have suffered decades of exile. A great number underwent severe poverty and considerable suffering as a direct result of the British Government’s actions.

Right now, however, there is some cautious optimism that Chagossians could soon achieve achieve a long-overdue measure of justice by winning their right to return. The UK and US, meanwhile, can remove a vile stain on their human rights record. Join us in demanding the justice is delivered and sign here.chagos 22

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The Perfect Opportunity

This is the best opportunity for Chagossian justice in decades. Why?

  • In 2016 the deal allowing the US to use Diego Garcia expires. The US military wish to extend this deal and the UK can and must insist a condition of any extension is support for Chagossian return.

  • A Government-commissioned feasibility study has already indicated that a resettled Chagossian society could be economically, environmentally and socially successful.
  • Its been almost 50 years since the first deportations. As time proceeds fewer and fewer of those who suffered the vile abuse of forced expulsion will have the opportunity to enjoy return. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  • As mentioned above, a new independent feasibility study has proven Chagossian return can be accomplished with minimal environmental impact. Indeed, the report acknowledges Chagossians commitment to protecting the environment of their homeland.

  • There is huge economic potential for the islands to become self-sufficent. Environmental protection, services for the military base, eco-tourism, domain name rental and craft products all present a fantastic opportunity for Chagossians to build a prosperous society. Read more about the economic realities of return here.

  • In spite of their suffering, Chagossians are happy to work constructively with the US military and UK Government to make their return home a positive for all parties.

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