Returning Home Photography Competition

We are delighted to officially announce the opening of  our Return 2015 Photography Competition, which will both raise awareness of the Chagossian Return 2015 campaign and showcase the talents of our supporters. The theme is, naturally enough, “Returning Home.” We are happy for you to be as liberal as you like interpreting this; it may be something directly inspired by the Chagossians people’s struggle or a more personal reflection on the nature of ‘going home’ in everyday life. Learn more about the Chagossian’s forced exile in our ‘Chagos in 5 minutes’ section.

photoSo we can use the material as part of our campaign, we are going to set a fairly short deadline on this of March 16th. This gives you just under a month to submit something to us at  Please include a short explanation of your work with your submission. If you’d like to submit by alternative means do also get in touch. We welcome submissions from anywhere in the world.

Entry is free, though we would appreciate a small donation of £5 for our campaign and community work (whether you pay or not will though be irrelevant to our decision on winners).  All are welcome to enter, from professionals to enthusiastic point-and-clickers.

Owing to our lack of resources, we can’t I’m afraid offer a cash prize. We are though tentatively planning an event for February at which you would be presented with a certificate. We will also of course be very vocal in promoting your piece to our supporters, the media and wider world.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions and please do share this around; let’s get as many people thinking, talking and snapping about the Chagossian fight for return as possible!